As transaction advisors we develop and provide solutions for our clients that are fine-tuned to their specific industry and environment. From strategy development through all stages of implementation up to closing and post transaction services, we support you all the way.

For buyer's side, our professionals assist companies in assessing their market position, developing an acquisition strategy, identifying and screening potential targets, determining value, and navigating the complex acquisition process. Our sector focus allows us to identify targets that strategically fit our clients' criteria and our transactional experience yields the best terms possible.

On the seller's side, we work with private business owners, private equity firms, and large enterprises on selling either entire companies or individual business units. We position the business to maximise interest in the market and develop a broad list of both domestic and foreign strategic and financial buyers. We assist our clients in identifying and reaching out to potential investors and buyers, structuring the transaction, analysing offers, and developing the preferred negotiating strategy.

In addition to our transaction advisory services for private businesses, we provide specific  expertise to Governments across Central Eastern Europe in the privatisation of businesses from the public sector.

Privatisation can be viewed as a form of M&A, however it has its own special and complex set of requirements and frameworks. It requires balancing regulatory and commercial requirements, maintaining process transparency and competitiveness, while keeping in mind the interests of the Government, shareholders, employees and customers of the company undergoing privatization.

Even for an experienced M&A professional, a privatisation project can prove to be an overwhelming challenge. This is where our experience matters. Our team offers concise and objective financial and commercial advice to Governments, regulatory authorities and potential investors. Our team members have advised on over 150 privatisations resulting in successful transactions with a value of above €4 billion.